The Beacon Guide

This is a guide for residents of the Beacon apartment building (its official site) in San Francisco.

Referral List

Harp - Thumbtack profile - (415) 304-1559
I used Harp to install a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, move some towel racks, and paint some walls. He did a great job and charged a reasonable rate.

Bay City Plumbing - Porch profile
The employee Chet, at Bay City frequently comes to the Beacon. This company is also used by the management office for some building issues. He helped fix my toilet. Some plumbers won't work in the building because it is a high-rise apartment.

Heat / Temperature / Air Flow / Windows

  • The units can get hot in the summer months. There has been extensive HOA discussion and lawsuits about the problem. Solutions residents have taken:
    • Portable Air Conditioner - popular models include Sharp CV-P12PX, Honeywell MN10CESWW, and Haier.
    • Portable Evaporative Cooler - I purchased a Hessaire MC37 that works reasonably well but is noisy. Its main advantage is no hoses going in and out of your window.
    • Ceiling fans
    • Apply for central building AC - contact the management office about this program. It requires proof, via temperature readings, that you unit is particularly affected.
  • We have what are known as awning (or sometimes "top hung") windows. A single screw can be easily removed to allow them to open more fully.


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Updated: Sep 23, 2017
Jonathan Berger
San Francisco, California