OSX Tips:  Setting-up a new Mac from an old one, its backups, or a PC

Connecting  via  your  Network

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The windows you use to connect the Macs are mostly clear, but can be a bit confusing.

The samples shown are from Mountain Lion;  some Lion windows may be slightly different.

Also, if you connect at different times, there may be differences in when you see some windows.

Here's the scenario for what you should see and do on each Mac:

On the NEW Mac                                On the OLD Mac

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Start Migration
Assistant, select To another Mac and click Continue.

You'll be prompted for your Admin Password.

Enter it, then click Continue.

Instructions will

Click Continue.

Migration Assistant
will attempt to close all other apps.  If it can't, it will send a message so you can do that manually.

Click Continue.


When prompted on the Select Your System window, start Migration Assistant on the old Mac.

Click Continue.

You should see the same Passcode on both Macs.

If so, click Continue.

The new Mac should now show the Select Items to Migrate window.

If so, you'll also see this on the old Mac.