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What  version  of  OSX  do  I  have?

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If you're not sure what version of OSX your Mac is running, there's an easy way to find out.

Click the Apple logo at the left of your menubar and select About This Mac.

That will bring up this window showing the OSX Version number, among other things:

See the green box below for the major version name.

Click the Version number, and you'll see the Build number.

Click it again, and it will show the Serial Number.

If you need the serial number, write it down, as you can't copy it.


Version numbers, "major version" names, and release dates

10.0.x    Cheetah                March 24, 2001

10.1.x    Puma                    September 25, 2001

10.2.x    Jaguar                   August 24, 2002

10.3.x    Panther                 October 24, 2003

10.4.x    Tiger                     April 29, 2005

10.5.x    Leopard                October 26, 2007

10.6.x    Snow Leopard      August 28, 2009  

10.7.x    Lion                      July 20, 2011

10.8.x    Mountain Lion      July 25, 2012