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If you have a question or problem that’s not covered here, or you’re having trouble following an explanation or instructions here, please browse and/or search the appropriate Apple Discussions Forum  (Brief tutorials on how to use it are at the upper-right of the linked page.)    

If you find a thread with the exact same problem (especially if it’s marked solved, but even it it isn't), review it carefully -- your solution may be there.  If it's a very long thread, you may want to start at the end and work backwards to find a solution.

If you don't find a solution that way, click the Subscribe to this Topic link;  then you’ll get an email when any more posts are added.  Hopefully one will help you, too.  But please don’t add a "me, too" post, unless you have additional facts.  Those just fill up the thread and make it harder to follow.  Note that Apple does not monitor the forums for problems, so it won’t help get their attention.  See Reporting a Problem to Apple for that.

If that doesn’t help, post a new topic in the appropriate forum.

Please be as specific as possible:

  1. Include your configuration (click the My Settings link at the right of the forum page, and fill in what kind of Mac and version of OSX you’re on, plus other significant hardware).

  2. Include any error messages, screenshots, or other pertinent information.

Using the Apple Discussion Forums will get the widest possible audience of folks who can help, whether others with the same problem, or those who have more expertise.

And when your question is answered, or your problem is solved, it will be available to the next person who’s looking for help.

If you don't get an answer after 24 hours, send me the URL via the link below and I'll take a look at it.

But I do not answer specific questions or problems via e-mail;  only in the ASC forums.

For problems with this website  only 

(broken links, typographical errors, etc.), please click here:

Please be as specific as possible, including the title of the page involved.

Questions or problems that belong in the Forums (above) will NOT be answered via email.

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