Time Machine - Troubleshooting

C5. "You do not have appropriate access privileges to save

file ".<nnnnnnn>" in folder <name of TM Drive>"

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If you get this message on Leopard only, where <nnnnnn> is a string of 12 numbers and/or letters, open the Terminal app (in your Applications/Utilities folder).

Be extremely careful when using Terminal. It is a direct interface into UNIX, the underpinning of OSX. Unlike the Finder, there are few protections against making a mistake, which can cause untold damage.

In Terminal, the prompt looks like this:  user-xxxxxx:~ <your name>$

(where <your name> is your short user name). It's followed by a non-blinking block cursor.

At the prompt, type the following exactly as shown in the example, substituting the name of your Time Machine volume exactly, including any spaces, between the quotes; and the string of numbers & letters from the message where the series of x's are (keep the dot):

           sudo chmod 644 /volumes/"TM drive name"/.xxxxxxxxxxxx

example:     sudo chmod 644 /volumes/"My TM Backups"/.0a1b2c3d4e5f

Press Return. You'll get some warnings and a request for your Administrator's password. Type it in (it won't be displayed) and press Return again.

Then try a Back Up Now from the Time Machine icon in your Menubar, or by control-clicking (right-clicking) the Time Machine icon in your dock.

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