Using Time Machine with a Time Capsule

Q4.  My Time Capsule is too small to back up my Mac(s).

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You can attach a USB drive to your Time Capsule. Then you can back up to the USB drive instead of the Time Capsule's internal HD (see question #Q2).  If you have multiple Macs, you can back some up to the Time Capsule's internal drive, and others to the USB drive.

If you need even more space, you can connect multiple USB drives via a powered hub, and back up different Macs to each. What you cannot do, however, is have one Mac's backups continue from the Time Capsule's internal HD to a USB drive connected to it, or have the backups for any one Mac "span" two drives.

Time Machine should back up to most Hardware RAID sets (multiple drives in an enclosure with a single connection to your Time Capsule).

But Time Machine will not back up to a Software RAID set (where you combine separate drives into a single volume via Disk Utility).

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