TextPad is a stripped down version of Apple's TextEdit for macOS.

It starts up instantly with a plain text editor. There's no iCloud open dialog box to slow you down. It converts anything you copy or paste into plain text.

You can change the default font used in preferences.

Also, there's a setting to disable the Save dialog box to allow you to quickly close a window when you're done with it. Another setting maps the Escape key to close the window you're working with for maximum speed.

TextPad is perfect for jotting down things while you're on the phone or other quick scraps when TextEdit it just too slow for the task.

Privacy policy: this app collects absolutely no information about you.

Download TextPad on the Mac App Store

If you see the message on your iPhone "'TextPad' Needs to Be Updated - The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS." and you are trying to open up old notes that you may have saved there, contact:

Daniel Amitay (not myself) is the developer of that app.

If you have any feedback about the macOS app (not the iPhone app) of the same name reach out to bergerjon at gmail.